Paul Nelson – Myths of Queer Male Sexuality Part 1 | An LGBTQ+ Podcast

In this episode, Isaac co-hosts with iAmClinic’s newest Clinical Associate Clay Malcolmson in Part 1 of this two-part series.

Paul Nelson, a Clinical Sexuality Educator, comes on the show to explore the common fallacies many men believe when it comes to sex. We learn how anxiety is often confused with horniness, how the objectification of sex can actually limit sex, how the autonomic nervous system plays a role in sexual dysfunction, and so much more!

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Episode Debrief

It’s funny how something so common in our lives can also be so misunderstood and used in ways that may feel right… but actually may harm us. Am I the only one that thought sex should be more intuitive than I realized? I definitely got educated more than I ever thought possible.

Hopefully, this episode helps us all see that sex can be part of something more than just as a physical act but also used as a tool to experience and expand our self-understanding. In turn, we can leverage a healthy concept of sex to better connect with partners.

Please tune in for the next episode, where we talk more with Paul in more detail about the psychological, physiological, and medical aspects of sexual dysfunction. Sounds fun, huh? But Paul can make anything fun, so don’t be intimidated or shy. There is a lot more food for thought and educational opportunities in part two.

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