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Episode Description

In this episode, the guest talks with Isaac about belonging, gender, and insecurity triggers that come up within the body. They not only talk about confidence but how to step through the fear and identify triggers within the body so that you can learn to reclaim your own power and authenticity.

Episode Timestamps

00:03:17 – Guest talks about why they are coming on the show, their insecurities in belonging

00:06:29 – Guest talks about missionary work and an unsupportive group member

00:08:34 – Guest recalls how far back her hurt goes and how she didn’t fit gender roles as a kid

00:11:51 – Isaac observes guest’s characteristics, observant and sensitive

00:12:51 – Isaac explains why the guest might be so adept at observing emotions around her

0014:12: – Explicit vs. Implicit Knowing explained

00:17:56 – Guest talks about why it is difficult to talk about her own pain

00:21:15 – Isaac talks about the ego split and how ego splitting happens in situations

00:29:48 – Isaac reframes how one might want to approach triggers form the past and how to grow past them, rewriting implicit knowing 

00:34:12 – Guest explains how she tried to handle a past trigger and grew from it

00:35:42 – Isaac talks about Other vs Self-esteeming and negative control

00:41:25 – Isaac talks about objectifying trigger experience in order to use it to know which way to go

00:45:56 – Guest asks, how do we know when to objectify a trigger vs listening to it?

00:46:35 – Guest explains their relationship with rules and rule breaking

00:47:44 – Guest talks about trying to navigate the homophobia and sexual ethics of their faith

00:53:08 – Guest asks, how you know who to trust with vulnerability

00:57:36 – Isaac suggests an important question to know the answer to: what is actually beautiful about me?

00:59:48 – Isaac gives closing thoughts

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