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LGBT Individuals, Couples & Family Counseling

What Makes iAmClinic Different

iAmClinic offers counseling for LGBT individuals and couples, as well as their religious loved ones. Our primary goal is to help the LGBT community and their families establish internal solidarity, rooted identities, and long-term relational health. No judgment. Just hope.

Minority Led & Inclusion Focused

For our founder, Isaac Archuleta, a young Hispanic son of two conservative pastors, coming out certainly wasn’t easy. However, the twists and turns of his journey lead him to focus on inclusion & acceptance regardless of race, gender or creed.

20+ Years of cumulative experience

The iAmClinic team has collectively been in the field for many years. In addition to our formal education, we have all received ongoing training and certifications throughout their careers. It is a strong value for us to keep the blade sharp, and stay current with therapeutic trends and interventions.

The LGBTQ+ Community is not a specialty, it's our Community

We are a proud, queer-led business, and active advocates for our LGBTQ community

Research-Based & A Cutting Edge Approach

Our team is committed to utilizing proven, cutting edge modalities, and practices. We stay educated on the latest therapeutic trends and interventions, while staying grounded in foundational therapeutic techniques.
We offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an extensively researched method proven effective in a spectrum of clients with trauma and distress. Psychedelic-assisted Trauma Therapy is also available after evaluation for the further progression of emotional healing.


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