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iAmClinic offers counseling for LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples, as well as their religious loved ones. Our primary goal is to help the LGBTQIA+ community and their families establish internal solidarity, rooted identities, and long-term relational health. No judgment. Just hope.

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Our Services

iAmClinic has options to help you address your concerns in the right format with the right services. If you’re not sure just how to get the ball rolling, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Trans, Transitioning & Gender Exploration

Coming out as trans and taking the bold steps to transition is both a very exciting and complex process. We are here to be your guides, helping you find health and happiness.

Therapy for Couples

The therapists at iAmClinic have worked with hundreds of LGBTQIA+ relationships. Whether you’re looking for the comfort of a relational tune up or face major challenges, our therapists will attune to your needs efficiently.

Individual Therapy

It would be fantastic if after we came out our journey was complete. For many of us, however, we still have a lot of questions. Can I heal from my trauma? How do you become a healthy partner? Will I ever be happy? Can I stop these unwanted patterns? Match with a queer or trans therapist today and get the answers that will leave you feeling confident and capable.

Polyamorous & Open Relationships

Polyamorous relational dynamics experience unique strengths and challenges that deserve to be honored in the therapeutic relationship. At iAmClinic, you don’t have to worry about educating your counselor on what it means to be poly, open or ENM.


Living with ADHD, autism, OCD or other forms of neurodivergence can feel exhausting when interacting with systems built to cater to the few. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, your therapist will work with you to develop a plan specific to your needs.

Anxiety & Depression Therapy

When panic or despair fill your body, it can feel completely debilitating. But there is hope to gain control.

Exploring Sexuality and Coming Out

Sexual orientation and sexual identity are major pieces of who we are and how we show up in the world. They are complex and, oftentimes, confusing. Whether you’re just coming out, uncertain how you identify, or are out but still have lingering questions- we’re here to help find who you are underneath it all.

Parents of LGBTQIA+ Children

Many parents have questions after a child comes out. Whether you’re trying to protect your child, need a safe space to ask uncomfortable questions, or hope to help a loved one create their happiest life, we are here to help.

Ketamine & Cannabis Assisted Psychotherapy (K/CAP)

Backed by decades of research, ketamine & cannabis therapies are changing the lives of queer and trans people at iAmClinic. K/CAP is a deeply profound therapeutic journey that allows you to heal and transform from the inside out.

Trauma & EMDR Therapy

The therapists at iAmClinic are fully prepared to create a safe place that will help you reverse the influences of trauma. We will walk alongside you while ensuring that you reclaim your life, body, and peace of mind.

Our services are available in-person or remotely, within the state of Colorado. Not in CO? Check out iAmCouncil.

What Makes iAmClinic Different?

Minority Led & Inclusion Focused

Our organization strives to create a diverse and equitable environment for all. Learn More Here

50+ Years of Cumulative Experience

We continue to provide ongoing training and certifications together as a team.

The LGBTQIA+ Is Our Community

We are a proud, queer-led business, and active advocates for our LGBTQIA+ community.

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