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Episode Description

Host Isaac Archuleta sits down with TikTokers Richie and Duane (@richie_and_duane) who share more about their 40 year long relationship and being married before being married as queer people as ‘cool.’

Episode Timestamps


00:24 – Isaac introduces the two guests for this episode and topics around their relationship

02:00 – The guests talk about how their relationship started when they were younger, so they were able to grow together

03:53 – Isaac talks about how challenging it can be for queer people to navigate the world of relationships

05:00 – Richie and Duane talk about the added challenges that social media brings to the table 

07:00 – Richie and Duane talk about the importance of being yourself, rather than trying to fit in

10:00 – Richie and Duane discuss “human” connections vs. “technological” connections

12:30 – Isaac asks the guests: “what does a relationship mean to you?” 

13:48 – The guests talk about the importance of trust and openness 

15:00 – They discuss the importance of vulnerability

16:43 – Isaac asks the guests where their feeling of safety came from in order to be vulnerable 

19:00 – Isaac, Richie, and Duane talk about people using others as a “prop” for their own self-esteem, rather than finding real love

22:00 – Richie and Duane talk about how being actively involved in queer actvisim helped them 

23:55 – Richie and Duane talk about queer TikTok and the different sides it brings out of people

26:00 – Isaac discusses how ‘sexual orientation’ describes a specfic route, and neglects the emotional aspect of relations

27:00 – Richie and Duane talk about why they feel it is important to build an emotional connection 

29:00 – They discuss monogamy vs. non-monogamy or polyamory 

32:40 – Richie and Duane discuss the importance of not letting other people’s judgments affect you

34:00 – They talk about trusting one’s own self, even if you can’t trust anyone else

35:30 – Richie and Duane talk about how taking pictures was always a central part of their perception of life and marriage

37:00 – Isaac talks about being young and wishing that they could see what a gay relationship would look like, and how Richie and Duane’s TikTok has given people that opportunity 

40:00 – Richie and Duane talk about how their time growing up as a gay couple was not as bad as people think

44:00 – Learning to assess whether it is outside influences affecting you, or something inside of you 

47:00 – They talk about learning humility in a relationship to better oneself and each other

49:30 – Richie and Duane talk about working out and losing weight over covid 

51:00 – They discuss “typical” differences between straight couples and queer couples, such as having the same social circles

53:00 – Richie and Duane talk about being authentic

58:45 – Isaac closes out the episode with thoughts on how our lives have been changed because of social media

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