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#15 Navigating Love’s Q&A: RelationTips for Dynamic Couples

Isaac Archuleta

Episode Introduction

Y’all know that life can be rough. Grief and death. Marriage and divorce. Relationships, love, belonging, and breakups. Life throws us so many hurdles to jump over and challenges to crawl through. Jamie, one of iAmClinic’s Associates sits with our guest who approaches life with such humor, ease, and joy that it makes life seem a little bit easier, something not to be taken with such seriousness. They bring a lifespan of insight and challenges that I hope you enjoy listening to and learning from couples therapy

I’m so thankful that we have queer siblings who have gone before us to literally pave the way for our version of love, our version of sex, our social equality, and our civil rights. It is with deep gratitude that we sat with our guest because he is one who has fought so hard for what we so easily access.

Navigating Ambivalence in Relationships: A Personal Journey

Navigating relationships can be a complex and emotionally charged journey, especially when you find yourself in a state of ambivalence. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricate world of emotions, desires, and personal growth through the lens of one individual’s experience. Join us as we explore the challenges and insights of managing ambivalence in relationships.

Understanding Ambivalence:

Ambivalence is a state of mixed emotions and conflicting desires. It often arises when we have strong feelings for someone but are uncertain about the direction of the relationship. It’s like standing at a crossroads, torn between two paths—one leading to commitment and the other to individual freedom.

The Personal Journey:

Our story begins with a gentleman in his late 60s who has experienced a lifetime of relationships, each offering unique gifts and challenges. He has been married, had children, and even become a grandparent, but his current journey revolves around the complexities of a relationship with a much younger partner.

1. Craving Emotional Monogamy:

Our protagonist yearns for emotional monogamy, a deep and exclusive connection where he can be the sole focus of his partner’s affection. It’s a desire rooted in the need for security, emotional attachment, and the joy of settling into a committed partnership.

2. Fear of Being Alone:

Despite his desire for emotional monogamy, he grapples with a deep-seated fear of being alone. After two years of closeness with his current partner, the thought of separation is daunting. This fear drives him to question whether he’s enough and whether he’ll find someone else who truly values him.

3. The Push-Pull of Ambivalence:

The relationship he’s in has evolved into a constant push-pull dynamic. Both partners have clear desires and conflicting needs. While he yearns for emotional exclusivity, his partner seeks multiple emotional connections. This tug-of-war between their desires creates an addictive cycle that’s challenging to break.

4. Open Communication:

Despite the emotional rollercoaster, the couple engages in open and honest communication. They discuss their desires, insecurities, and fears regularly, creating a space for vulnerability. Sharing their thoughts and feelings is a cornerstone of their relationship.

5. The Path Ahead:

As they stand at this crossroads, uncertain of the future, they have embarked on a week of space to reflect on their needs and desires. This pivotal moment will determine the direction of their relationship.


The journey through ambivalence in relationships is a profound exploration of one’s desires, fears, and values. It’s a testament to the complexities of human connection and personal growth. This story reminds us that relationships are ever-evolving, and it’s okay to seek the emotional monogamy or the individual freedom that aligns with our personal needs.

As we navigate the intricacies of our own relationships, we can draw inspiration from this narrative of vulnerability, open communication, and the pursuit of emotional fulfillment. After all, it’s our unique journeys that shape our understanding of love, commitment, and the human experience.

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