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Thoughts to help guide us through turbulent waters.

Mixed Orientation Marriages | Finding the Factors That Keep Your Marriage Together

by   Isaac Archuleta

Explore challenges & opportunities of mixed orientation marriages, where one partner is straight & the other LGBTQ+. Discover factors for thriving marriages

Relationship Advice for Gay Couples: Boundaries, Vulnerability & Weekly Check-ins

by   Isaac Archuleta

Discover ways to enhance your gay relationship with mature boundaries, vulnerability, and weekly check-ins. Strengthen emotional intimacy and connection

Recovering from Cheating | Identifying the Underlying Causes of Infidelity in Gay Relationship

by   Isaac Archuleta

Discover the potential reasons behind cheating in gay relationships and find guidance on emotionally recovering from the betrayal of infidelity

My Partner Says, “We Need Therapy” | Is Gay Couples Therapy Worth the Cost?

by   Isaac Archuleta

Table Of Contents Introduction Realizing I Needed Professional Help After ensuring I could take care of myself Finding the Right LGBTQ-Affirming Therapist Rebuilding Intimacy as ...

7 Tips To Defeat Your Grindr Addiction

by   Isaac Archuleta

Addiction to things that are fun can be extremely hard to break the cycle. Here's what can help you to break your Grindr Addiction. Learn more

6 Easy Tips To Improve Communication In Gay Relationships

by   Isaac Archuleta

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iAmResilient: My Experience in a Mixed Orientation Marriage

by   Jamie Leach

Mixed Orientation or Queer Relationships have as much variety as the people on this planet, and every person, and every relationship will navigate this terrain ...

iAmResilient & My Relationships Can Be Too

by   Jamie Leach

re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/ noun When we think about resilience we are often put in the mindset of an individual. What challenging stories has that person made ...