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Episode Description

Episode Description:  In this episode, Isaac sits down with iAmCouncil financial coach, Tim Leach, to talk about all things money and the emotional and logical intersection of it.

Episode Timestamps


00:20 – Isaac introduces the episode topic and guest 

01:00 – The guest talks about their background in finance 

02:00 – Isaac asks Tim about how this position, helping people with their finances, can be rewarding

04:00 – Time talks about the similarities between helping people in finance and in therapy 

05:00 – Isaac asks what “hopeless” situations might look like for some people in the financial realm 

07:55 – Isaac and the guest talk about finance as a spectrum

09:17 – Isaac asks for a “crash course” on budgeting from Tim

11:00 – Tim talks about helping people understand what their goals are in budgeting 

12:45 – Isaac talks about the emotional processes that are present when changing habits and lifestyle choices 

14:30 – Tim talks about the goal of budgeting being freedom

16:22 – Break in discussion

17:22 – Isaac brings up authenticity in regards to freedom around budgeting 

18:21 – Tim talks about how the goal is empowerment for people 

20:00 – Isaac talks about walking away from unwanted patterns to engage in the life that we want

21:00 – The guest talks about the differences between his style of shopping and his wife’s 

22:00 – Isaac talks about their unwanted patterns when they were younger and how shifting those patterns leads to relief and more joy

24:48 – Tim talks about the rewarding feeling that can come from sacrificing something for something greater 

26:15 – Tim emphasizes starting with the question “what is important to you?”

28:44 – Isaac and Tim talk about the process and feelings of figuring out where all your money is going

30:55 – Isaac and Tim discuss how, either way, it all accumulates in some way 

32:00 – Isaac closes out the episode 

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