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Episode Description

Episode Description: This week, Isaac sits down with Dr. Joani Jack, a pediatrician with research and insights related to gender identity. In this week’s episode, the two talk about the science of gender identity and sexual orientation and how it all begins in the womb. Take a listen!

Episode Timestamps


00:20 – The episode opens with the guest talking about how there is more to sexuality than just the penis

01:11 – Isaac opens with the topic of anti LGBTQIA+ laws and the misinformation that comes with them

02:25 – Dr. Joani Jack talks about her career as a pediatrician and seeing patients that are often marginalized

04:20 – Isaac talks about how Dr. Jack’s workshop changed their life

06:27 – Dr. Jack talks about how prenatal development can affect gender and sexuality 

08:20 – Dr. Jack talks about how it has become the norm to ‘just look’ once at a baby’s parts and tell then assume

10:30 – Dr. Jack talks about how chromosomal, internal, and external factors

13:00 – Dr. Jack talks about brain sexuality

15:00 – Dr. Jack and Isaac talk about why the brain sexuality does not always match the body of a person

16:53 – Dr. Jack talks about how sex organs are developed before the brain

17:42 – Isaac talks about what brain sexuality is

19:32 – Dr. Jack talks about how brain sexuality does not become expressed until later on, but is formed prenatally 

24:14 – Isaac goes over some definitions of sexual orientation, gender, sexual identity, etc…

26:00 – Isaac and Dr. Jack talk about the different ways that gender, identity, and sexual orientation all interact

31:45 – Isaac and Dr. Jack talk about prenatal hormonal influences on development

33:20 – Isaac talks about androgen bathing and its effects on development 

37:11 – Dr. Jack talks about how we should celebrate the natural differences that occur in people

39:00 – Isaac talks about the different biological processes that involve sexuality and gender

40:20 – Isaac talks about how someone who comes out is simply being honest about who they have always been

41:30 – Dr. Jack talks about how research has assumed causation of certain things, but the truth is switched

43:00 – Dr. Jack talks about how changing names or pronouns can be an emotional experience for parents and children

47:37 – Dr. Jack and Isaac talk about what it really means to honor someone’s request to use their chosen name and pronouns

50:14 – Dr. Jack talks about how there is still not very much literature or research on these topics

54:00 – Isaac closes out the episode talking about how people’s differences that have been scientifically displayed  should not affect their treatment in society 

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