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Episode Description

In this episode, Jamie Leach has a conversation with Isaac Archuleta and Katie Cass about neurofeedback training, what it is, how it works, and how it might just be the answer to your mental health struggles.

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Episode Timestamps

00:02:32 – Isaac talks about his personal experience with neurofeedback and the beginnings of his struggle with anxiety

00:04:19 – How trauma changes the brain

00:05:18 – Isaac talks about his generalized anxiety disorder as a child and young adult

00:06:08 – How alcohol affects anxiety

00:06:47 – Isaac talks about his worst experience with anxiety

00:08:11 – Isaac talks about his first experience with neurofeedback

00:13:12 – How mental health family history and genetics affects neurofeedback

00:14:36 – Isaac talks about what it is like to live without anxiety

00:15:12 – Jamie asks how neurofeedback affects a someone and who they are as a person as they part with mental health struggles with neurofeedback treatment

00:21:01 – Hormones and electrical activity in the brain is discussed

00:22:51 – Obsessive thinking in queer clients is discussed

00:26:31 – What someone should look for when exploring neurofeedback as a treatment option

00:30:27 – Leasing neurofeedback equipment and virtual treatment through iAmClinic

00:31:31 – Jamie thanks and recognizes Isaac for their work

00:36:55 – Jamie introduces Katie Cass

00:37:41 – Katie introduces themselves and talks about their background

00:38:48 – Katie talks about what got her interested in neurofeedback work

00:40:45 – The process of neurofeedback and what it looks like for a client

00:43:40 – What manifests when a brain is down regulated or up regulated?

00:44:51 – Jamie and Katie talk about how medication and neurofeedback differ in treatment

00:46:26 – Katie talks about client results she has seen as a result of neurofeedback treatment

00:49:28 – Katie gives case example of autistic client she worked with

00:50:50 – The different types of neurofeedback available at iAmClinic – Othmer Method and QEEG focus

00:52:45 – Who might not be a good candidate for neurofeedback?

00:55:30 – What is the time commitment for a neurofeedback training schedule?

00:59:58 – Jamie and Katie talk about the financial commitment of neurofeedback versus talk therapy

01:02:19 – Katie talks about her personal experience with NF

01:03:19 – Jamie talks about ADHD in female bodies

01:03:58 – How neurofeedback can help ADHD

01:06:17 – What people should expect going in for neurofeedback training.

01:08:27 – Katie talks about some reading one might want to do to learn more about neurofeedback or body base trauma work – looking at mental health through the lens of how our body codes our experiences

Episode Links

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

A Symphony in the Brain by Jim Robbins

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