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Episode Description

Episode Description:  Isaac talks with today’s guest about coming out at an early age, what it was like and how they reflect on it now years later.

Episode Timestamps


00:20 – Isaac introduces the idea of “Pastor’s Kids” and the guest who came out as a “PK” at a fairly young age

01:30 – The guest talks about their friends at the age of 15 and what it was like to come out to them

02:26 – Isaac and the guest discuss experiences of courage and desperation during the coming out process

04:00 – Isaac and the guest discuss wanting to be able to express their queerness outloud 

05:22 – The guest discusses what they think made them come out at an earlier age

08:00 – The guest discusses being ostracized and their peers’ perceptions and treatment of them 

10:10 – Isaac asks the guest how their parents responded 

11:50 – The guest talks about their mental health and having anxiety and depression

13:45 – The guest talks about how it affected their family and their church when they came out 

16:55 – Isaac asks the guest how they managed so much “responsibility” through their experience 

18:47 – Isaac talks about why the guest’s body began to shut down after all of the stress they were experiencing

20:39 – Isaac and the guest discuss resiliency vs. repressing

22:25 – Isaac discusses how it is possible to experience resiliency while avoiding or coping

23:00 – Isaac and the guest discuss the idea of shutting down in order to “protect” others

25:00 – The guest talks about taking a step back whenever someone else is feeling upset

26:20 – The guest talks about going to couples therapy with a partner 

27:00 – The guest talks about trying to find a therapist when they were younger

27:50 – Isaac talks about being able to feel safe enough to express your emotions

30:00 – The guest talks about their standards that have been set now 

32:40 – Isaac and the guest talk about healthy boundaries 

34:30 – Isaac discusses the feeling of acting like an emotional “chameleon”

36:14 – The guest discusses valuing privacy and feeling comfortable with certain people to share things

43:00 – Isaac asks the guest how they feel now that they have grown so much

44:00 – The guest talks about growth, and how it happens when you don’t expect it 

46:50 – Isaac asks the guest what they would tell their past teenage self

48:00 – The guest talks about what they would have done differently

49:00 – The guest talks about how much pressure adults put on children to be “inspirational” or “extraordinary” 

51:00 – Isaac closes the episode

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