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Episode Description

In this episode, Isaac talks with Matthew Lieser about his experience with internalized homophobia. They explore the first time Matthew remembers experiencing it and his journey to deconstruct it.

You can find Matthew at https://www.liesercounselingservices.com/

Episode Timestamps

00:03:50 – How Matthew identifies
00:04:06 – Matthew talks about the first time he experienced homophobia
00:06:00 – What Matthew means when he says he had to squelch out who he was when he was younger
00:06:50 – Isaac reflects on what life could have been if he had been able to be out at a young age
00:08:05 – Matthew talks about what would have been different if he could have been out at a younger age
00:09:25 – Isaac talks about the power in demonstrating our sexuality
00:12:10 – Matthew describes what he felt as dirty but now sees as beautiful
00:14:13 – Isaac talks about the 6th phase of coming out
00:16:01 – Matthew talks about sex versus intimacy
00:20:03 – Matthew and Isaac talks about reparenting moments and how safe religious environments played a role in their coming out
00:27:28 – Isaac asks Matthew how has homophobia has served him

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