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Episode Introduction

LGBTQ+ sexual health is a very important topic. Many of us didn’t have “the talk” which leaves those of us in the LGBTQ+ community feeling as though we have to reinvent the wheel or fake it ‘till we make it, but, thankfully, we get to talk about it now. 

In this episode, we have an inquisitive nurse and a brilliant nurse practitioner, Randall McDavid, who break the ice in a conversation that is usually held within the private walls of a doctor’s office. They talk about condoms, sexual health, STIs, and what research is showing us about HIV prevention medicines, like PrEP.

Episode Debrief

I was listening to these two brilliant men talk about sex in the background. Scribbling to take notes, I was enamored with their insights and excited to imagine how their conversation might guide our behaviors to practice sex with a little bit more confidence, comfort, consent, and most importantly wisdom. 

Many of us have preconceived notions about sexwhat works, what smart, what’s bestbut I am thankful for people who are willing to ask the bold questions and the professionals who know the answers so that we can know what is accurate about sex and our bodies. 

Many of us never got the birds and the bees talk and certainly didn’t get the bees and the bees talk. This often leads to a silence in our sex lives that might leave us exposed to risk, emotionally and physically. Hopefully, this episode gives you the information you need to stay safe and keep sex fun! 

Have you talked about sexual health with your partners? In my experience as an LGBTQ+ therapist, I’ve noticed that we often get into sex first and then have the serious conversations after. But, I believe knowing your partner first and creating safety before sex will make sex, well, more sexy. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and that you take some of the wisdom you gleaned from these brilliant men to improve your sex life and keep you safe out there.

Episode Timestamps

00:02:53 – statistics and research on PrEP’s effectiveness 

00:03:41 – rise in some STIs likely due to more healthcare access and testing

00:05:53 – are men paying attention to whether or not they may have an STI?

00:07:45 – are there a rise in side effects due to PrEP?

00:08:40 – Truvada vs. Descovy – how do they differ in affecting kidneys?

00:11:21 – possible supplement recommendations while on PrEP

00:13:45 – the Hex condom

00:15:49 – pop culture and sexualizing gay men

00:16:48 – some heterosexual men use PrEP

00:19:30 – mindsets of different generations when it comes to HIV

00:22:13 – HIV side effects then and now

00:29:42 – the cost of PrEP

00:32:30 – guest talks about his generation’s sexual activity and PrEP use

00:36:55 – how to take PrEP – traditionally, 211 PrEP/event-driven PrEP/on-demand PrEP

00:39:49 – U.S. behind on HIV research, U=U (Undetectable=Unstransmitable)/TasP (treatment as prevention meaning positive but undetectable)


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