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Episode Description

Episode Description: This week, Isaac sits down with licensed professional counselor and certified career coach Rae Stout to talk about career coaching, the differences between coaching and counseling, and how we can all take steps to explore who we are, where we are going and how we might get there.

Episode Timestamps


00:28 – Isaac introduces the idea that people want more from life than just a job 

01:14 – Rae talks about being in the field of career coaching and counseling

03:00 – Rae talks about being an adjunct professor

04:05 – Rae discusses the three questions: Who am I, Where am I going, and How will I get there.

05:00 – Rae dives further into “Who am I?”

07:30 – Rae talks about the client being their own expert to find out “Where am I going”

08:15 – Rae discusses moving to the next step to discover “How will I get there.”

10:00 – Finding the connection to our own inspiration and desire

12:00 – Rae talks about how the queer community can be affeced by a lack of role models or acceptance

14:10 – Isaac talks about the process of coaching in relation to fine tuning the nuances of our subconscious 

15:37 – Rae talks about coaching being a faster (and different) process than therapy 

18:08 – Isaac talks about how lucky they feel that they found what they were meant to do 

19:30 – Rae talks about the differences in values and working for older generations 

24:30 – How do you check in with yourself to see if you are happy with what you are doing?

26:12 – How do we diversify where we are getting our meaning?

29:20 – Differences between coaching and therapy

32:00 – Rae talks about approaching shame from a coaching perspective 

37:20 – Isaac and Rae talk about empowering people to be able to help themselves 

38:38 – Isaac talks about consistency and how doing little things add up 

40:00 – How to navigate resumes and finding a job as a trans and/or queer person 

46:46 – Rae asks where do you feel the safest and the most seen? And where do you feel the most alive?

49:30 – Isaac closes the episode with how our desires and emotional cravings are our inner compass

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