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#30 Healing Sexual Shame: Transforming Perspectives on Shameful Sexuality – Part 1

Isaac Archuleta

qrt 30

Unpacking the Complex Journey of a Queer Individual: Overcoming Conversion Therapy and Self-Discovery

In this emotionally charged podcast episode, a guest shares their profound and courageous journey through the turbulent waters of growing up LGBTQ+ in a conservative environment. The conversation delves into topics like conversion therapy, family dynamics, self-worth, and the impact of shame on one’s life and relationships.

Childhood and Discovery:

The guest, originally from Colombia, immigrated to the United States at a young age. Their upbringing seemed typical, filled with experiences like visiting Disney World and playing video games. However, their journey took a sharp turn when they discovered pornography at a very young age. This discovery eventually led to feelings of shame and guilt, which set the stage for their tumultuous journey.

The Role of Shame:

Shame became a constant companion as they navigated their burgeoning sexuality. Their parents, particularly their mother, discovered their early exploration of pornography, leading to a cycle of shame-laden conversations and concerns about sexual addiction. This early association of shame with their sexuality left a profound impact on their self-concept, leading to negative self-perceptions like “I am unlovable” and “I am disgusting.”

Conversion Therapy and Religious Influence:

As they entered their teenage years, their parents’ concerns intensified, resulting in a decision to explore conversion therapy. They attended an evangelical charismatic church and underwent various forms of therapy and “deliverance” sessions, all aimed at changing their sexual orientation. The therapy reinforced harmful narratives, such as blaming their relationship with their father for their sexuality.

Struggles with Self-Esteem and Family Dynamics:

Throughout this process, the guest’s self-esteem suffered tremendously. The constant message that they needed to change and that their true self was unacceptable took a heavy toll. They grappled with frustration towards their parents, particularly their mother, who played a significant role in their participation in conversion therapy. This struggle with parental expectations and feelings of unacceptance further fueled their internalized homophobia.

The Healing Process:

The guest eventually decided to distance themselves from their family and the conversion therapy environment, allowing them to explore their identity independently. This period of self-discovery and self-acceptance was essential for building self-esteem and dismantling the shame-based narratives they had internalized. They began to challenge the idea that they were unlovable or disgusting and embarked on a path toward healing.

Final Thoughts

This podcast episode offers a glimpse into the complex journey of a queer individual who faced conversion therapy, shame, and family dynamics. It highlights the lasting impact of early experiences on self-esteem and self-worth while showcasing the resilience and strength needed to overcome such challenges. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder of the importance of self-acceptance, self-love, and the ongoing process of healing in the LGBTQ+ community.

Episode Description

Queer RelationTips host Isaac Archuleta sits down with today’s guest to explore shame and their journey from past to present. 

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