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Episode Description

In this episode, Isaac has a conversation with Rae Stout about ways they have seen internalized homophobia at work in their own lives, its effects, and how they have worked to confront it. 

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Episode Timestamps

00:03:07 – Isaac talks about how straight affection is odd for him to see sometimes

00:03:37 – Rae talks about the queer media they tend to consume

00: 06:32 – Isaac talks about research regarding conservative ideology and levels of disgust and the origins of homophobia

00:09:09 – Rae’s thoughts on other-ing people

00:11:13 – When Rae first felt like it could be okay to be gay

00:13:15 – Rae talks about what would have been different if they had come out sooner

00:15:00 – Isaac reflects on what would have been different if he had come out sooner

00:19:23 – When Rae struggled with suicidal ideations

00:21:23 – Isaac talks about attending a pride march before he was out and the idea of choosing to live in your own happiness

00:23:43 – Rae talks about how she overcame internalized homophobia

00:30:08 – Rae talks about cognitive behavioral therapy and thought journaling

00:36:21 – Isaac reflects on his personal story and his healing

00:39:25 – Isaac talks about the similarities between gay and straight therapy clients

00:40:32 – Isaac talks about his partner breaking up with him and suicidal ideations

00:45:00 – Rae reflects on the response queer people get from their friends and loved ones

00:47:30 – Rae talks about a date they went on and gender norms

00:49:02 – Isaac talks about a mother of a young client who brought research to him

00:50:23 – Rae reflects on people who elevate research above humanity

00:52:57 – Isaac talks about the six phases of coming out

00:53:41 – Rae talks about couples counseling

00:56:44 – Rae talks about how straight people don’t have to come out and using the title “wife” and “spouse”

00:59:20 – Isaac talks about his work with a somatic experiencing therapist

01:01:01 – Isaac and Rae talk about how it can be easy to lose ourselves in a homophobic environment

01:06:58 – Rae talks about it not being an overnight journey to be our most authentic selves

01:15:01 – Isaac talks about shaming himself and others and embracing his value

01:17:21 – Rae talks about allowing others to evaluate us and reclaiming that to move beyond internalized homophobia

01:19:56 – Isaac talks about Pia Mellody’s work and other-esteeming 

01:24:52 – Isaac asks Rae how they would talk to a young person about pansexuality and what encouragement they would give them

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