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Our Clinic’s Founding

After confronting devastating questions of sexuality and gender with parents who pastored a conservative church, Isaac quickly realized there were very few resources for his family. He also learned that there were very few safe places where he could learn about his true identity without judgment or predetermined agendas.


After years of struggling with anxiety, unwanted behaviors, and utterly debilitating low self-esteem, I knew there was something better for me, my family, and people just like me.” – Isaac Archuleta, MA, LPC

About Us/Mission Statement

All of iAmClinic’s therapists personal flourishing took place on a therapist’s couch. When we each realized that we’re all inherently valuable, we were filled with excitement to offer the same life-changing process to those in our local community. In response we created a safe place where people can share their stories, their pain, and their confusion. But what we’ve discovered most is that we created a place where people watch their lives changea place where celebration happens and joy blossoms.

Our mission is to embrace your whole identity by integrating all aspects of the self with evidenced-based resources to fully love yourself and love others. Put more simply, we believe that there are better ways to exist in the world and be in relationship. Our goal is to help you reach them.




About Isaac

As a young child, Isaac often felt odd, like a broken boy. After years of being teased by family and peers, Isaac started to hate himself. Growing up in a religious home filled him with both hope and deeply entrenched shame.

After surveying his religious beliefs and sexuality, with several years in therapy, Isaac found a resting spot that felt holistically authentic. He now offers professional help to help those navigating the road he’s journeyed.

Isaac uses a model that is based on relational repair – whether that be a focus on one’s relationship with their self, another, or their higher power, as well as relationships with a substance or an unwanted pattern. He diagnoses how the relational pattern was set up, how it remains dysfunctional, and what needs to be achieved to help you accomplish your goals. Isaac uses Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, as well as other treatment interventions to help you quickly and easily. Isaac also enjoys hosting weekend seminars for couples, individuals, and religious parents of children in the LGBT+ community.


  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • 11+ Years Of Experience
  • Served as Executive Director for one of the longest standing LGBTQIA+ organizations
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Certified
  • Neurofeedback trained in the Othmer Method
  • He is invited to speak at conferences and forums across the nation, and a contributor to The Huffington Post

Isaac is as warm as he is knowledgeable, and is excited by the opportunity to walk along side you as you progress through your story.

Jamie Leach, LMFT, LPC



About Jamie

From a young age, Jamie has been fascinated by relationship dynamics and the inner workings of the human psyche – the limitless learning and development around these subject matters invigorates Jamie in both their personal and professional life. Jamie has been blessed to experience redemption and healing on an individual, spiritual, familial, and relational level throughout their life. Many years of clinical training, experience, and personal healing have served to ground Jamie in an authentic posture of hopefulness for the clients they support.

Jamie lives and believes that intentionality, self-awareness, connectedness, and compassion are core attributes of functional relationships. Attachment patterns and emotional needs have to be nurtured to form the base of a relationship; additionally, the pragmatics of life also need to be addressed. Past wounds from previous relationships, family of origin dynamics, spirituality, and expectations may also need to be addressed in order to reach secure connection and daily functioning.

Whether it is your relationship with a current partner, family member, a friend… or the relationship with yourself, Jamie can help you to work through the issues you are facing. The fluidity of attachment, lifelong brain development, insight, and the ability to form new habits anchors the hope that we can choose and experience healing, and that relationships can heal too.

Jamie has a Masters in Arts in Clinical Mental Health, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Marriage and Family therapy. They have facilitated relationship and life-skill workshops over the past seven years throughout Colorado. In addition to their work at iAmClinic, Jamie currently serves in a non-profit leadership role, and volunteers on the board of directors for a local non-profit organization.


If you are ready to accelerate your self-awareness, growth, and healing relationally or individually, Jamie would love to support and partner with you.

Hudson Johnston, MSW



About Hudson

From childhood to adulthood, Hudson has felt a deep pull to understand and connect with the human experience. That pull is what caused Hudson to attend college out of state at 18, move to Thailand alone at 22, and not only survive, but expand and grow through a multitude of romantic, relational, and emotional experiences.

Hudson pulls from their own varied life experience to continually develop a deep empathy they use to help their clients feel safe, seen, and heard. They work to create a secure environment for open and honest dialogue and use a person-centered approach to fully understand their clients’ thoughts and feelings. Lastly, they continually strive to meet clients where they are—all while helping them get where they want to be.

Hudson therapeutic approach is rooted in compassion, empathy, warmth, understanding, and humor—and they strongly believe in the power of positive affirmation. With a background in community mental health, and experience working with the homeless population in Denver, Hudson is passionate about supporting underserved communities. They graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and received a Master of Social Work from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

In their spare time, Hudson takes every opportunity to soak up the warmth of the sun. The simplest joy is found in an early morning cup of coffee, cozied up with their cat, Rudy, and a good book.


  • Master of Social Work
  • World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) trained

Trevor Ekstrom, MA, LPC, LAC



About Trevor

A bit of a wayward youth, Trevor’s path to counseling began with living then healing patterns of significant depression and addiction. He did this with therapy, peer support, and then intentional living and volunteering in the U.S. and India. Over time Trevor’s path of service deepened into explorations of contemplative practice and embodied psychotherapy.

Trevor has a therapeutic approach grounded in the wisdom of the body and fundamental human compassion. He believes all the patterning of our bodies and minds is fluid—no matter how old, deep, or stuck. He aims to help clients access their innate capacity for health, using a relational style of practice based on precise attunement, humor, and clarity. 

Trevor earned a Master of Arts in Contemplative Psychotherapy/Clinicial Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University in 2015. Prior to working in conjunction with iAmClinic, Trevor’s primary clinical focus has been on treating complex trauma and post-traumatic stress. He has specialized in trauma treatment at a community mental health center and provided comprehensive care for high-risk pregnant women in a residential program for trauma and addiction. Identifying as a cisgender, heterosexual white male, Trevor knows he carries positions of privilege. He actively works to recognize his unearned benefits, increase awareness of others’ experiences, and live up to the responsibilities his positions offer. He aspires to ally-ship and acts from a belief in the unconditional beauty of all beings.


  • Mastery Certificate In The Trauma Dynamic Modality
  • 1,000+ Hours of Client Work W/in The Trauma Dynamic Modality
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC)

Parad K. Meier, LPC, LAC, PhD Candidate



About Parad

As a therapist I have cultivated a deep passion for working with adult individuals who have experienced complicated, severe, and often persistent traumatic experiences. Despite the past, we can choose to navigate our lives by traveling a path of deep self-reflection and growth, even (or perhaps especially) when this path holds challenges and pain that feel insurmountable. I strongly value my own therapeutic journey as a complement to my professional knowledge, and fundamentally believe that as therapists we have a responsibility to engage in our own deep self-reflective work. Throughout my career, I have worked with many individuals who have been in therapy for years and have not even begun to address the deep wounds of trauma and attachment. With trauma, there is a human instinct to avoid. It is often this avoidance that keeps us stuck and unwell. 

Professionally I have held a dual focus on treating individuals with substance use and trauma and am licensed both as an addiction counselor (LAC) and as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). In particular, I have spent years focusing my studies, training, and experiences to better understand the treatment of individuals with PTSD and more specifically Complex PTSD. Traditional talk therapy rarely is enough to truly address trauma. Trauma treatment requires a highly informed and strategic plan in order to move towards true resolution and healing. I work with trauma through a body-based, nervous system perspective. This means that we dive into therapy with a focus on learning the signs and signals your body sends about how your trauma is stored and stuck, and we learn how to move, release and resolve some these stuck places through somatic techniques.

When you join me in therapy, we work collaboratively to figure out your life puzzle and the ways in which your experiences from the past may be adversely impacting your experiences in the present. We will explore the impact and influence of relationships, your nervous system, your emotional being, and all of the parts of you that may have conflicting messages and needs. Somatic work will likely be our primary foundational approach in therapy. 

I believe in the influence of therapeutic affinity and relationship and welcome you to engage with me in a process where we work to free you from old, stuck patterns, symptoms and triggers, and move towards growth, flexibility, and finding your authentic, adult self. I love working with people who are ready to address anything from extreme and persistent childhood abuse, to attachment wounds; from systemic abuse such as racism or discrimination to one-time traumatic events; or perhaps you’re not sure if you have “trauma”, but something just feels off about the way your past is following you into the present or the ways you relate to substances, relationships, codependency or other addictive behavior that are no longer serving you. I look forward to our journey together.


  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a Trauma specialization
  • PhD Candidate in Counseling Psychology & Transformative Leadership with a focus on the study of Complex PTSD (Lesley University, Cambridge MA)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC)
  • 11+ years post-graduate clinical experience
  • 11+ years of clinical experience
  • 8+ years of clinical supervisory experience
  • 6+ years of experience as a trainer in Trauma Dynamics (a somatic modality of trauma therapy)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • The Progressive Approach (Advanced EMDR training specific to parts work & dissociation)
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Rae Stout, LPC, CCC



About Rae 

Rae is a licensed professional counselor and a certified career counselor. She specializes in identity formation, career counseling, and anxiety management. Her clients often come to her looking to better understand themselves and how they wish to ‘show up’ in the world. She also has a background in working with individuals who’ve experienced trauma, particularly as it interects with career, such as compassion fatigue, workplace harassment and bullying, and vicarious trauma. 

For the last 10 years, she’s worked with career changers, as well as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professionals. Additionally, she worked on two National Science Foundation (NSF) funded grants to assist adult learners and BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals in STEM fields. Outside of work, Rae is an active volunteer in the National Career Development Association (NCDA), a branch of the American Counseling Association, serving on the Government Relations Committee. She also works as an adjunct faculty member teaching in graduate counseling programs in Denver. In her spare time, Rae loves spending time with her wife, their two dogs, and getting junior ranger badges from all the national parks.  


  • Master of Arts in Community Counseling
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Adjunct Faculty, CU Boulder, CU Denver, Metro State University of Denver
  • Certified Career Counselor, Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Facilitator, Qualified Administrator for Strong Interest Inventory, YouScience and CliftonStrengths

Ryann Morgan



About Ryann

Ryann is passionate about working with children and adolescents as they believe that quality of life can significantly improve through the counseling process. Their time as a preschool teacher, behavioral therapist, and foster parent increased their desire to work with children, which paved the way to becoming a counselor. Ryann has always held a special place in their heart for the Trans community and desires to bring healing, hope, and a safe place for individuals to explore who they are and who they want to be.

The counseling experience is unique to each person, and Ryann believes experiences, perceptions, and worldview are best explained and understood from the client’s perspective. When we truly understand and validate those experiences, healing happens. A safe, judgment-free space is provided along with an integrated method in an effort to customize client experience and treatment.

Ryann is in their last year of graduate school at Colorado Christian University and hopes to specialize in gender development and issues in today’s society. They are married with two children and three fur babies. When Ryann isn’t at the clinic, they can be found writing, exploring, and taking photos or taking trips to the beach to recharge.


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