About Us

Mission Statement

All of iAmClinic’s therapists personal flourishing took place on a therapist’s couch. When we each realized that we’re all inherently valuable, we were filled with excitement to offer the same life-changing process to those in our local community. In response we created a safe place where people can share their stories, their pain, and their confusion. But what we’ve discovered most is that we created a place where people watch their lives changea place where celebration happens and joy blossoms.

Our mission is to embrace your whole identity by integrating all aspects of the self with evidenced-based resources to fully love yourself and love others. Put more simply, we believe that there are better ways to exist in the world and be in relationship. Our goal is to help you reach them.

Isaac founded the iAmClinic brand in 2010, which now is three separate businesses covering mental health, neurofeedback and life coaching. He is currently a co-Director, overseeing the creative direction of iAmCouncil along with Jamie Leach.


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