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Episode Description

In this episode, we have a brilliant young therapist who’s about to graduate with her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, planning to set up shop in Idaho. She shares with us an incredible journey of what it felt like to be a child in the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and being outed by someone she loved, being forced to grapple with the ramifications.

Episode Timestamps

00:01:56 – Heidi gives an introduction to themselves

00:04:09 – Heidi describes challenges she needed in her life

00:05:57 – Isaac talks about attachment formation, fractures and healing

00:07:26 – Heidi talks about the difficulty growing up in her religious community as a lesbian

00:12:46 – How Heidi’s parents reacted to her coming out

00:13:23 – Isaac talks about the harmful theory religious parents grappel with when cofronting their queer child

00:15:29 – Heidi talks about the parts of herself she had to hide while in the closet

00:17:58 – The sixth and last phase of coming out

00:19:16 – How Heidi handels shame/guilt in her marriage

00:23:37 – Heidi talks about her coming out power was taken from her and how her parents responded

00:32:04 – Heidi reflects on, if how she was outed affected her parent’s reactions

00:34:02 – Isaac describes how coming out can feel good and how confusing it can be for parents to understand

00:35:16 – Heidi describes realizing she wouldn’t go to church anymore

00:37:26 – “I am valuable to my family because I stay closted.”

00:39:49 – Isaac talks about his experience with his mother coming to terms with his queer identity

00:41:43 – Heidi reflects on her relationship with her wife

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