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Thoughts to help guide us through turbulent waters.

iAmResilient: “Am I Queer Because of my Trauma?”

by   Daphne Thomas

Contents Jump To: 1. Myth-busting 2. Lived Experience 3. Global Trauma and COVID-19 4. Acknowledging the Diversity of the Human Experience   This question has ...

iAmResilient & My Relationships Can Be Too

by   Jamie Leach

re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/ noun When we think about resilience we are often put in the mindset of an individual. What challenging stories has that person made ...

Overcoming Addictive Behavior P1 | Resources to Help LGBTQIA+ Move Past Their Addictions

by   Alexa McElroy

Contents Jump To: 1. What are “addictive” behaviors, really? 2. Developing Insights I was late to switch to the smartphone for someone of my generation. ...

Understanding Gender and Sexual Orientation

by   Everett Dietzler

Contents Jump To: 1. Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Basics 2. Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Complications 1. Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Basics Sexual ...

What is Coaching Exactly?

by   Rae Stout

Contents Jump To: 1. What is the difference between therapy and coaching? 2. What does a coaching session look like? 3.Types of coaching offered by ...

Understanding my emotional attachment to money

by   Tim Leach

Contents Jump To: 1. Avoidant Attachment 2. Anxious Attachment 3. Disorganized-Attachment We all have an emotional attachment to money (despite many of our thoughts to ...

#27 Unlocking Minds: Exploring Neurofeedback’s Potential in Podcasts

by   Isaac Archuleta

Table Of Contents Unlocking the Power of Neurofeedback: A Path to Healing and Resilience The Power of Neurofeedback: Isaac Archuleta’s Personal Journey: How Neurofeedback Works ...

#26 Challenging Homophobia: Navigating Therapy with Inclusivity and Respect

by   Isaac Archuleta

Table Of Contents Embracing Authenticity: Overcoming Homophobia in LGBTQ+ Journeys The Significance of Representation: The Impact of Societal Attitudes: Choice and Identity: The Role of ...

Pride, Oppression, and #BLM

by   Isaac Archuleta

Contents Jump To: Psychological Patriarchy Celebrating Pride and Dismantling Opression Celebrate and Stand United It shocked me when I recently realized the protests for George ...