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Thoughts to help guide us through turbulent waters.

Do Open Relationships Work? P2. | Navigating the Common Challenges of Polyamorous Relationships

by   Isaac Archuleta

Life Dynamic & Long-Term Safety As people invest in one another, they do so—in committed relationships—with the intention of building long-term relational security. Without healthy ...

Do Open Relationships work? P1. | Navigating the Common Challenges of Polyamorous Relationships

by   Isaac Archuleta

Open relationships require major consideration. As one member of a couple, or as a couple, there are many factors to think about when considering opening ...

4 Ways Counseling Can Help Improve Relationships With Your LGBTQ+ Partner

by   Isaac Archuleta

I built up an incredible amount of frustration stemming from my partner’s behavior. No matter what I said to him, I could not, for the ...

Is it Time for Counseling? P2. | Healthy Communication Tips When Talking to Your Partner About Counseling

by   Isaac Archuleta

Being a couple means that we invest in one another, sharing not just our time and resources, but also our vulnerabilities, our fears, and our ...

Is it Time for Counseling? P1. | 4 Signals That Gay Couples Should Seek Support

by   Isaac Archuleta

For whatever reason, it is always one; one member of a couple will spend time observing the relationship and see a great need for therapy. ...

Faith & Sexual Identity | Using Your Spirituality to Strengthen Your Confidence

by   Isaac Archuleta

It was Halloween. I stood in a Scooby Doo outfit made from random pieces of clothing and garments I found in the dusty corners of ...

4 Signs of an Unhealthy Sex Life in a Gay Relationship

by   Isaac Archuleta

Jump To: 1. Obligation & Guilt2. Resentment3. The Silent Transaction4. Self Esteem Booster As a clinician who specializes in working with the LGBTQIA+ community, I ...

Your Emotional Desires Are Always Clean: Emotional Cravings Part 1

by   Isaac Archuleta

“Emotional cravings, I began to notice, were not my demise, they were God’s blueprints tucked into my soul. When I followed my emotional cravings I ...

4 S’s to Mature Love

by   Isaac Archuleta

A toddler spends time with his mother. She silently exits, sneaking out of the room and away from the boy at play. If he cries, ...