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Thoughts to help guide us through turbulent waters.

A Safe Place for BIPOC Because I Needed One Too

by   Isaac Archuleta

Creating a safe haven for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals. A community where acceptance, support, and empowerment thrive. Contact Us Now!

LGBTQIA+ Resources In Denver & Colorado

by   Isaac Archuleta

Colorado is full of LGBTQIA+ resources. There are a variety of organizations and resources available to members of the LGBTQIA+ community in and around the ...

Am I Gender Fluid or Trans?

by   Everett Dietzler

Created by Everett Dietzler and Daphne Thomas If you’re currently investigating your gender or looking to explore your identity further, take a moment to quiz ...

LGBTQIA+Crafting your coming out invitation: Helpful tips for coming out to loved ones

by   Jamie Leach

Contents Jump To: 1. Who am I planning to tell? 2. What do I need? What might others need? 3. When do I want to ...

#36 Queer Relationtips: Navigating Finances Together

by   Isaac Archuleta

Transforming Your Finances: A Journey Towards Freedom Are you ready to take control of your finances and embark on a journey towards financial freedom and ...

Comprehensive Sex Ed and How it Can Support LGBTQIA+ Youth, Pt. 2

by   Daphne Thomas

Contents This post is a continuation from a previous blog, read part 1 here! Jump To: 1. Queer representation: the good, the bad, the ugly ...

#35 Embracing Authenticity: Queer Relationtips and Coming Out

by   Isaac Archuleta

Get It Wherever You Get Your Podcasts! Navigating Identity, Relationships, and Mental Health: A Conversation with a Courageous PK In this special podcast episode, we ...

#34 Queer Relationship Dynamics: Embracing Identity and Charting the Future

by   Isaac Archuleta

Finding Fulfillment in Your Career and Life: Insights from Career Coach Ran Stout In a recent podcast episode, we had the pleasure of hearing from ...

Overcoming Addictive Behavior P2 | Resources to Help LGBTQIA+ Move Past Their Process Addictions

by   Alexa McElroy

Contents Jump To: 1. Boundaries and limits 2. Substitution Behaviors 3. Mindfulness Skills 4. Planning for Challenges Even after years of healing from compulsive social ...

#32 Celebrating Love: Crafting Meaningful Wedding Vows with Richie & Duane

by   Isaac Archuleta

Get It Wherever You Get Your Podcasts! Love’s Uncharted Journey: Wisdom from Richie & Duane’s Decades-Long Marriage In a recent podcast episode, we had the ...

#31 Healing Sexual Shame: Transforming Perspectives on Shameful Sexuality – Part 2

by   Isaac Archuleta

Unpacking Shame, Self-Concept, and Queer Relationships In this podcast episode, we delve into the complexities of self-concept and its impact on queer relationships. The conversation ...

#30 Healing Sexual Shame: Transforming Perspectives on Shameful Sexuality – Part 1

by   Isaac Archuleta

Unpacking the Complex Journey of a Queer Individual: Overcoming Conversion Therapy and Self-Discovery In this emotionally charged podcast episode, a guest shares their profound and ...

#29 Celebrating Love: Queer RelationTips and Holiday Q&A Tips

by   Isaac Archuleta

Table Of Contents Navigating the Holidays as a Queer Individual: Tips from the I Am Clinic Podcast Storytime: A Personal Experience Avoid Challenging Conversations During ...

Why violence isn’t a cycle, and how to leave the storm

by   Isaac Archuleta

Contents Jump To: 1. What is a cyclone? 2. Stepping into the “cycle” 3. When the cycle is really a cyclone 4. How to escape ...

iAmResilient: My Experience in a Mixed Orientation Marriage

by   Jamie Leach

Mixed Orientation or Queer Relationships have as much variety as the people on this planet, and every person, and every relationship will navigate this terrain ...