Our Clinic’s Founding

After confronting devastating questions of sexuality and gender with parents who pastored a conservative church, Isaac quickly realized there were very few resources for his family. He also learned that there were very few safe places where he could learn about his true identity without judgment or predetermined agendas.


After years of struggling with anxiety, unwanted behaviors, and utterly debilitating low self-esteem, I knew there was something better for me, my family, and people just like me.” – Isaac Archuleta, MA, LPC


Working closely with the LGBT community and their loved ones, James Matson, MA, LPCC and Kallen Thornton, MSW, LCSW realized that many experienced a lot of pain and broken family dynamics. Bringing their talent and unique skill-sets to the practice, James and Kallen wanted to empower their clients to create the authenticity and relational depth that would create long-term satisfaction. Now, as a unified team, Isaac, James, and Kallen are highly skilled in helping individuals, couples, and families achieve their goals.

About Us/Mission Statement

All of our personal flourishing took place on a therapist’s couch. When we each realized that we’re all inherently valuable, we were filled with excitement to offer the same life-changing process to those in our local community. In response we created a safe place where people can share their stories, their pain, and their confusion. But what we’ve discovered most is that we created a place where people watch their lives change – a place where celebration happens and joy blossoms.

Our Mission is to embrace your whole identity by integrating psychological and spiritual aspects of self with evidenced based resources to fully love yourself and love others. Put more simply, we believe that there are better ways to exist in the world and be in relationship. Our goal is to help you reach them. 



As a young child, Isaac often felt odd, like a broken boy. After years of being teased by family and peers, Isaac started to hate himself. Growing up in a religious home filled him with both hope and deeply entrenched shame.

After surveying his religious beliefs and sexuality, with several years in therapy, Isaac found a resting spot that felt holistically authentic. He now offers professional help to help those navigating the road he’s journeyed.

Isaac uses a model that is based on relational repair – whether that be a focus on one’s relationship with their self, another, or their higher power, as well as relationships with a substance or an unwanted pattern. He diagnoses how the relational pattern was set up, how it remains dysfunctional, and what needs to be achieved to help you accomplish your goals. Isaac uses Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, as well as other treatment interventions to help you quickly and easily.

Isaac has a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He is invited to speak at conferences and forums across the nation, contributes to The Huffington Post, and hosts weekend seminars for couples, individuals, and religious parents of children in the LGBT+ community.

Isaac is as warm as he is knowledgeable, and is excited by the opportunity to walk along side you as you progress through your story. 



Growing up, James knew he was different. Artistic, sensitive, and emotionally expressive, he was supported in his creativity but taught there was a line that could not be crossed: do not appear gay.

This message taught him that he was responsible for how other people perceived him, and he learned to prioritize performance over authenticity. While living in New Zealand, he began to process through the shame deeply entrenched from his religious upbringing and started to explore what it means to exist authentically.

James’ approach focuses on personal narrative and intuitive ways of knowing as the foundation for healthy identity development. He believes that there is power in the stories we tell about and to ourselves, and he uses these narrative patterns as an entry point into exploring and improving relational dynamics.

James has a Master of Arts with Honors in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and is an LPCC. He has worked in community mental health settings, residential treatment for at-risk youth, hospital inpatient programs, and with clients in court-ordered treatment. He specializes in gender and sexuality, has significant experience with gender and sexual minority individuals, children, and their parents, and has worked extensively with trauma survivors.

James is excited to walk alongside you as you continue to write your story and learn to live out of a place of intuition and authenticity.



Kallen’s journey of healing began on a yoga mat. Somewhere in her trajectory of growing up, she learned to notice and attend to other people’s feelings, needs and behaviors more than her own. Though skilled at reading people, she had difficulty understanding her own emotional landscape which led to chronic stress, codependence and difficulty making decisions.

Yoga helped Kallen to focus her attention inward and was the entry point to an ongoing practice of learning to listen to, trust and befriend herself. This process led her into a therapist’s office, first as a client and eventually as a professional committed to helping others in the courageous pursuit of health and healing.

How do you discover who you really are? How do you learn to love yourself? What are your blind spots? These are the kinds of questions Kallen will come alongside you in navigating. She uses EMDR, mindfulness, narrative, and attachment-based therapies to help you remember who you are: valuable, loveable and wonderfully made.

Kallen has a Master of Science in Social Work and is a registered yoga teacher with additional training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She had the honor of piloting the Dallas VA’s first trauma sensitive yoga program while completing a postgraduate fellowship at in addiction and mental health.

Kallen believes your relationship with yourself is the most important and enduring relationship of your lifetime and she would love to help you make it a good one.

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