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MA Candidate


As a mixed-race, queer, and neurodivergent non-binary person, I am passionate about supporting LGBTQIA+ people in reclaiming their inherent right to thrive. My goal is to collaborate with my clients to rediscover who they authentically are and then design new ways of living and moving through the world that bring them peace, joy, and meaningful connection to themselves and those around them.

My work with clients often focuses on recognizing and healing from how our identities, our relationships, and our cultural environments all intersect in how we experience the world. We often will work together on processing childhood and developmental trauma, the impacts of marginalization and cultural trauma, and religious trauma including recovering from religious abuse and “conversion therapy.” I also love supporting the journeys of clients who are curious about exploring their sexuality and gender identities, especially trans/nonbinary people and youth/young adults. In my approach to therapy, I draw upon techniques and perspectives from attachment theory, feminist therapy, relational cultural theory (RCT), social justice counseling, and somatic-based therapy. As a feminist therapist, I strongly believe in making our therapeutic work together collaborative and ensuring you as a client are trusted as an expert in your own life. I am currently a graduate student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling at University of Colorado Denver and I bring experience from 8+ years of working in various nonprofit programs including HIV testing and counseling, sexual assault and interpersonal violence advocacy, LGBTQIA+ support services, and health equity programs.

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