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I began working in the community mental health field in 2012 in northern Arizona, learning the best practices for working with culturally diverse populations addressing a breadth of mental health concerns. I believe in a holistic approach that involves assessing our brain, mind and context. Our thoughts, values and beliefs are molded by not only our experiences but informed and endless bombardment of information. Peace and ease come from alignment of all of our parts.

Ketamine & Cannabis Certified LGBTQIA+ Therapists | LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Couples | LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Exploring Sexuality | LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Individuals | LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Neurodivergence | LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Trauma and EMDR

In addition to working with the individual, I work with couples using the Gottman Method emphasizing communication and recognizing how trauma impacts our experience in intimate relationships.


  • Master of Arts in degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Board certified with the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA)
  • Trained in Gottman Method

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