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I identify as a lesbian/queer cis-woman and hold a welcoming therapeutic space for all identities. I believe in the premise “towards not away” and that embrace of our emotions can lead to greater awareness and insight. They can serve as guides to our inner and outer world, so long as we’re willing to listen.

LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Anxiety and Depression | LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Exploring Sexuality | LGBTQIA+ Therapists for Individuals

My own therapeutic experiences deeply impacted the individual I am today and helped me find my own path towards an inner sense of calm and purpose. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Denver studying International Disaster Psychology: Trauma and Global Mental Health.

My experience includes working with individuals dealing with OCD, disordered eating, and anxiety and depression symptoms. I value diverse perspectives and lead with an open heart and open mind. My hope is to create a safe space where you become your own most powerful resource in healing and wellbeing, that carries with you far beyond the session.

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