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Psychedelic Therapy

There’s Still Hope

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is quickly gaining acceptance and even prominence as promising research continues and both MDMA and psilocybin-assisted therapies gain “breakthrough therapy” designations from the FDA . Ketamine—used by intrepid psychiatrists since the 1980’s as a treatment for depression—is now being hailed as a revolutionary alternative to more invasive procedures for treatment resistant depression. In the coming years we will know even more, but right now there is already a wealth of knowledge in the field of how to effectively and safely use these mind-altering substances to powerfully assist the therapeutic process. 

We’re On The Cutting Edge

iAmClinic is at the cutting edge of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, combining body-based interventions for nervous system processing with legal psychedelics—cannabis and ketamine—in order to access the often deeply hidden feelings and experiences that drive our stuck patterns and distress. Though operating in different ways, both cannabis and ketamine alter our normal waking consciousness and sense of self, allowing ready access to normally unconscious processes as well as long-forgotten and dissociated memory. In walking with our clients to what can be challenging places, iAmClinic therapists prioritize collaboration, trust building, and full transparency to the process. 

Our experience has shown that psychedelic-assisted therapy can be, and often is, profoundly healing. We have also seen how it can be harmful when misapplied. For this reason, we always consult in-depth, discuss risks, and assess readiness prior to beginning any medicated processing or therapeutic work. Call us with questions or inquiries into this exciting offering.

In-Person Counseling

In person therapy is one of the fastest and most effective way to experience progress towards your goals. Sitting with a therapist in a traditional setting allows for increased non-verbal communication, and can feel like a break from daily or weekly routines. If you are interested in the support and connection that in-person counseling facilitates, we would love to hear from you.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic approach that can be highly effective in treating anxiety, addictions, trauma, phobias, and ineffective relational patterns.

“It changed my life!I used to have daily anxiety, but since EMDR it’s been less intense and I feel like it’s under control.” – Isaac

Web-based Counseling

Located outside the Denver Metro area but still interested in connecting with us for services? We believe physical location should never be a barrier to getting the support you need, so we offer online sessions to keep you moving towards your goals. Contact us today to explore if online counseling with iAmClinic could be a good fit for you.


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