Informed Consent for Parents Group
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Thank you for registering for our parents group! This 4-week workshop series is sponsored by iAmCouncil (an iAmClinic company) and is designed to be educational in purpose. The workshop itself is considered coaching, and does not constitute a therapeutic relationship.

As a coaching client, if you would like to receive coaching services individually or in a group format, you must agree to the following statements. As a coaching client:

I understand that my coach is not providing me with professional mental health services. Should I desire mental health therapy services, it is my responsibility to contact a mental health professional. I understand that my coach may suggest that I seek mental health services. I understand that I always retain the right to choose my mental health provider.

I understand that although my coach may be trained in a variety of skills he or she or they will not be acting in the role of counselor, psychotherapist, or any other mental health professional during our coaching sessions. I further understand that coaching is not psychotherapy.

I understand that coaches are not regulated by the Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Professions and Occupations, are not required to abide by the Colorado Mental Health Practices Act, C.R.S.12-245-101, et seq., and are not bound by any mental health professional ethical rules of confidentiality. That being said, we will respect the

I understand that I alone am responsible for the decisions, choices, and advice I choose to take and the consequences of those decisions, choices, and advice I follow. I may choose to reject any suggestions, advice, or requests my coach makes.

My signature below affirms that I have read and understand the preceding information, it has been provided to me verbally if I have no written language or am unable to read, and I agree to abide by the terms of the agreement.