Paul Nelson – Myths of Queer Male Sexuality Part 2 | An LGBTQ+ Podcast

In this episode, Isaac co-hosts with iAmClinic’s newest Clinical Associate Clay Malcolmson for part 2 of this two-part series!

Clinical Sexuality Educator Paul Nelson joins the show again for an informative discussion about sex and the common misconceptions many men have about it. What is negative control when it comes to sex? How can hook up culture lean toward negative control? How does anxiety affect sexual function on a psychological/physiological level? Find this out the answers and whole a lot more in this episode!

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Episode Debrief

Even though this may feel like a heavier episode, information-wise, hopefully, the content-density doesn’t overwhelm you. 

It’s our hope that some facets of this episode sparked new thoughts or help you synthesize, normalize, or harmonize certain things you feel shame or judgment about. Having a more in-depth understanding of how and why we have sex can lead to, not just being the smartest person in the room, but also lead to greater self-confidence and less anxiety all around, and that can be used to positively fuel healthier relationships.

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