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Adam Charny, MA, LPCC


About Adam

Throughout his childhood and early adolescence, he took on the story of being “too much or too weird” for this world, and was never quite able to fit in with the majority, which trickled into his own internalizations about my self-worth and place in this world. This sparked a fire in his curiosity about the field of mental health. Adam was on a quest to turn my loneliness and insecurities into my own superpowers. He decided to step into a role as a counselor in order to help others do the same; to become more empowered in themselves, and embrace their unique perspective. As a gay/queer cist-gendered male therapist, his goal is to create a safe space for clients to process layers of trauma related to hetero-normative standards, societal pressures, gender dysphoria, interpersonal relationship dynamics, and/ or religious oppression. Before working at iamClinic, he gained experience at Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) in Boulder, CO, focusing on trauma-informed care for survivors of domestic violence. It was here that he grew my knowledge in understanding the impact that abuse has on our nervous system and the steps that need to occur to become safer and regulated after a traumatizing experience.

Adam believes in a holistic approach to therapy, focusing on the mind, body, and soul connection. He draws from practices that invite clients to heighten their awareness in the present moment and explore how they react and deal with situations in real life. He believes that therapy can be a space to build the internal tools to be able to better communicate and express emotions. His hope is to help you build on these tools, to expand your potential for a more embodied connection to yourself and the environment that you inhabit. 


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC)
  • Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
  • Trained in Neurofeedback